The Straight Talk Manual

Empowering kids to help themselves

The Straight Talk Manual

Empowering kids to help themselves

The Straight Talk Girls Club

Everything you need to know!

What is it?

This six week self-development course has been created for Grades 4, 5 and 6 girls - and has been successfully trialled with teens as well!

Fun and lively 1.5 hour sessions introduce girls to important and timely topics and encourage them to explore and increase their awareness and understanding while improving communication and self-help skills.

The topics include:
1. friendship
2. healthy relationships
3. self-esteem
4. stress
5. challenging family situations
6. letting go of the things we cannot change.

Resources and activities include:
The Straight Talk Manual
Activities and games
Group discussions
Challenges and homework.

The Girls Club concept was developed with the assistance of funding from Communities for Children and the Salvation Army. Over the past 2 years the Girls Clubs have been trialled with girls aged 11 to 17 in schools and services across southern Tasmania with principals, parents, school staff and participants reporting positive outcomes.

Participants reported they learned a lot, developed new skills, were comfortable in discussing their difficult life experiences and had fun too!

Participants are chosen by their classroom teacher, principal, or counsellor as to girls who may be struggling or have difficult family situations.

Here’s some recent feedback from Mel who has just finished a Girls Club!

Hello There Di,

Hope that you are well!
Dunalley Primary School Girl’s Group has now been completed. I loved every minute of it as did the girls. I have had some lovely comments from parents regarding the way this program was delivered and the change in their daughters.
Thank you so much for letting me run this as it is beautifully designed and should be run in all schools as a rule. I feel very privileged to have been able to give Dunalley Primary School the opportunity to take part.

Many Thanks, Mel Oswin
Early Intervention Family Support – Dunalley Office Tasmania

Who can run a Straight Talk Girls Club and what qualifications are required?

Ideally two adults run the sessions to provide the best level of individual help and support particularly during writing and craft activities, serving food and cleaning up at the end.

The sessions have been run successfully by one adult.

Co-ordinator/facilitators need to have some training and/or experience running small groups, knowledge of the topics and an interest in self-development. A tertiary degree is not required to run the sessions.

Skills of a good facilitator include:
• some experience working with small groups
• ability to moderate group discussions
• ability to navigate through sensitive topics
• some knowledge of mental health and substance abuse
• passionate about craft!
• must be fun, energetic, easy going and non-judgemental.

How to establish and run a Girls Club

A co-ordinator/facilitator manual with instructions, all templates and photos is available for purchase on USB Stick for $69.00 via the website shop. Also included is the latest version of The Straight Talk Manual which is required to run the sessions.

Help and support

For all questions and information both before and after purchasing the USB Stick and setting up a Girls Club are welcome to contact Diane for help and support, to ask questions or to offer feedback if required.

All the best to you and your work with Girls! A Boys Club Manual is in the pipeline!