The Straight Talk Manual

Empowering kids to help themselves

The Straight Talk Manual

Empowering kids to help themselves

Caring About Kids Workshops

Helping YOU to help KIDS help THEMSELVES

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Feedback from Bridgewater Workshop 20 Feb 2017

Great refresher. Great to get the new manual on USB…(and)…meet like minded people and practice listening skills.
It was good to learn about the StraightTalk programs and hear about working with kids in groups. Loved the Activities.
Opened my mind to a lot of aspects I hadn't given thought to. It should be compulsory in all schools.
Better understanding and great reminder for how mental illness is affecting the community and especially our children.

About the workshops

Diane Brokenshire leads lively three hour, informative, interactive, practical and inspirational workshops designed for anyone who works or lives with kids.

Addressing several important and timely topics, Caring About Kids can help YOU help them, to help themselves.

$150 includes the workshop, a copy of The Straight Talk Manual, The Girls Club Facilitator Manual (on USB stick), useful handouts and a delicious morning tea.

Where can I attend a workshop?

Workshops are held around Australia. From March to July of 2017 Diane is travelling around Australia and would love to hold a workshop in your town.

How do I book?

Click on the buttons above to book online or download the order form. For a friendly chat simply phone or email Diane.
Phone: 0400 821 919

"It was a delight to meet Diane, hear her story and understand some of her passion for helping others, particularly children, journey their own life-challenges …… Thanks Diane!"

Shirley Gregory
Salvation Army - Bendigo Australia

Workshop topics

Complex family issues, school pressures, bullying, low self-esteem and anxiety, are a few of the challenges facing many young Australians today.

Show the young people in your charge, how to take responsibility for their self-esteem, feelings, experiences and relationships.

Help participants understand the value of sometimes letting things go; not holding grudges, forgiving people who have hurt them, and maybe most importantly, forgiving themselves.

Help young people understand the stresses on families today. How mental health, substance misuse and other complex situations affect families around the globe, offering tips and tools to help in times of family stress.

Show young people how to ask for help and where to go to find it and NOT keep painful and difficult feelings locked up inside.

An overview of The Straight Talk Girls Club and tips for implementing this innovative self-development course in your school or service. Currently being evaluated for the Australian Government Evidence-based programme profiles.

What people are saying

“This is all very new and interesting information for me and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of your presentation. Thank you for introducing me to these topics. I can see aspects of my son that I desperately need to address.”
“Understanding how important it is to talk to children about how they are feeling and what they are going through.”
“The workshop was helpful and useful, well presented and fun and gave me more of an insight into how to help children.”
"Extremely inspirational… It gave me some great ideas and was well presented and very enjoyable. It would be great to do a full day session with you!”
“Good to see and understand your tools to use with children. I feel more equipped now to deal with the mental health and substance issues of my clients and their children.”
“This workshop was helpful to me on a personal level as much as anything….Adults are affected by these topics as much as children.”
"I would like to congratulate you on an excellent session 'Caring About Kids' that I recently attended in Launceston. All of us walked away from the day with information and ideas that we have been able to put into practice. The diversity of the group from clients, volunteers to professionals was very ably managed where everyone came away with relevant information. Thank you for listening to the stories from our volunteers, as well as sharing you own."
“An excellent reminder of skills and practices; New ideas, presented in a beautiful manner. Thank you for sharing your story.”
“The Caring About Kids Workshop…Pretty much spot on! Thanks for an awesome session. I really enjoyed your story.”
"Awesome Di. Wish I'd had Straight Talk when my Sophie was little!"